Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008


Pavel Nedved was born on the 30th of August 1972 in Cheb; his dad Vaclav was a labourer and his mum Ana a housewife. He married girlfriend Ivana when he was 21, and the couple have two children who carry their same names: Ivana and Pavel. He holds a qualified surveyor diploma.

Away from the playing fields, Pavel spends a lot of time concentrating on his physical condition: he runs regularly and partakes in many different sports. When he isn't playing sport, he turns into a caring and attentive father: he plays a lot with both his children.

When he wants to relax, he listens to some music – Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Shakira – and watches movies, possibly featuring Robert De Niro, his favourite actor. Basically what any normal person would do.

He's a real gourmet who appreciates quality food. He loves rediscovering the typical dishes traditional to the area where he's living at any given time. He did this in Rome and he's doing it now in Turin also. He loves “poverela di Attilio” spaghetti, washed down by a good Piedmont red wine, such as Barbera, Barbaresco or Dolcetto d’Alba.

Pavel often varies his look. Like most sportsmen, he wears comfortable clothes when training, whereas he chooses more elegant and refined clothes when he goes out at night. He doesn't focus much on accessories but he's very particular about shoes, which always have to match the suit, and sunglasses.

Pavel loves his job deeply, and is very careful about maintaining his physical fitness, so much so that he trains even when his team mates rest. Indeed he goes out running each and every day, before going to the training ground.

He began playing at 5 years old for TJ Skalná, then he played for the RH Cheb, Škoda Plzen, VTJ Tábor and Dukla Praha youth teams and finally he joined Sparta Praha. He was often employed as a striker at the start of his career but eventually his coach at the time glimpsed his exceptional potential as an attacking midfielder, tried him in that role and from then on he became the player we all know now.

He's won a remarkable 4 League titles at Juventus. And even if the last two (seasons 2004/05 and 2005/06) were stripped away, he considers them won anyway. He also remembers fondly when he won the Cup Winners' Cup and the European Super Cup at Lazio.

His dream is to live in peace with his family and he hopes his children can one day do something worthwhile with their lives and be happy. As for football, he has but one short-term objective: to take Juventus back into the Champions League.


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